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Welcome to ME LIKES H1B:

ME LIKES H1B provides searchable list of H1-B employers who have applied for h1b visa in the past. Unlike other H1 B Sponsor Employer database, our service is totally free. The list includes employer address, city, zip code, state, phone number (if available) all for free. You can also search by zip code or by state. All you are required to do is fill a simple form and register with us.

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DISCLAIMER: As the list contains employers that have filed paperwork for H1B in the past, there is no gurantee that they still sponsor. After graduating, the next step for US international students is to find a company that sponsors H1b and eventually apply for Green Card.We hope this website will help you do just that! Good luck.

Latest H-1B News Information

  • You cannot apply for L1 or H1B visa on your own
    The Hindu
    I have furnished all relevant documents required for a H1B visa, along with a fee of $500 for document verification, to a consultant in Hyderabad, who, in turn, must have filed through his legal representative in the U.S. in April 2014. I have been ...

  • Evolving nursing industry qualifies more RNs for H1B visas
    The H1B visa is a professional working visa issued to foreign nationals who will work in specialty occupations requiring bachelor's degree as a minimum requirement to perform the job. RNs generally do not qualify for H1B classification. This is because ...

  • Vexed in the city: Starved for tech talent and yet nobody to hire?
    Facebook and Microsoft and every other H1B-scab-loving company can hire all the Indian guest-workers they want - in India, so go there and load up on the "best and brightest". Time to end H1B now, and kick foreign job robbers back where they came from.

  • VentureBeat

    We'd like your opinions on immigration reform
    I have seen this game all too many times , young Engineer gets hired on H1B, the older guys get assigned to mentor the young ones teaching them all they know , then when they are trained the older guys get either laid off or get "encouraged" to leave ...

    and more »

  • Zuckerberg and Bloomberg wake up to immigration reality
    2013 was a banner year for well heeled groups advocating legalization of illegal aliens and an aggressive increase in the number of H1B visas issued to foreign tech workers. There were a handful of major players representing business interests that ...

    and more »

  • Get Visa: A Game on US Immigration That Can Help Improve Your Chances
    India New England (subscription)
    SILICON VALLEY, Calif— In 2014, 172,500 people applied for H1B visa. Out of those 51% were rejected through a lottery process. Another 1/4th of the applicants will be denied due to lack of documents or improper filings, according to USICS and National ...

  • An educational approach to U.S. immigration reform
    N.C. State University Technician Online
    In the current immigration system, civic education only begins when applicants want to become U.S. citizens. But it largely dismisses people who potentially become immigrants in the future. For example, the H1B visa for foreigners as non-immigrant ...

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